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The Club was created, more or less, out of a desire to find and communicate with others who share the same ideas about great sandwiches.  Silly as it may be, I think that a really good sandwich is one that will put a wide grin on your face, one that is enjoyable to enjoy, and one that looks really delicious. 

    My first 'awesome' sandwich was had at a local sandwich shop/deli during my first year of college many moons ago through the recommendation of a friend.  Maybe because a poor college student's funds aren't able to purchase the finest sandwich ingredients on a regular basis, this particular sandwich was 'the bomb' (I'll go into detail if you ask).  Since that day, I have hailed this deli as "the ultimate place for a sandwich"; I even took my wife on our first lunch date to that same deli, but that's another story. 

    If a sandwich is created with just the right ingredients in the right amounts (usually lots of everything), that is something to celebrate.  And all who may love the sandwich as much as I do probably feel the same way (at least I hope so, or else something's wrong with me).  Sandwiches rule.

    Make yourself at home; browse as no one has browsed before.  Let me know what you think.  I hope you enjoy what you see.





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