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These pictures I have collected represent nothing, really.  Enough with the words; I thought you might like to see some sandwiches in action.


A student of mine decided to create some weird burger.  Actually, I guess this would fall under the 'chip sandwich' category in some odd way.  Maybe a 'chip sandwich with special needs'.  It's not the sandwich that bothers me, it's the size of this damn picture!  I know I didn't just upload this photo at a crappy quality!
This burger simply consists of a pattie, lettuce, fries, mustard, and ketchup.

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Oh my God!  Fellas, get ready for this one.  There's so many great shots of GIRLS eating sandwiches, I just have to put the link here.  I think that the day I found this site, my life had changed forever.

yummie sandwich

Now that's what I call a sandwich
Some photos you run across are apparently made to eat, and some are born for the camera.  You think someone actually eats the 'photo op' sandwiches after their shoot?

Man, Smokey...don't be playing with my emotions!  Playing with my sandwich is like playing with my emotions.  I know this sandwich would kick ass because of its size, but "where's the beef"?!  That's not even cool.  You've got a nice, cold Coke just sitting there, the condensation collecting on the outside of the ice-cold can, the carbonation sizzling as you get an ear close to it, the tab just barely cracked open, waiting for you to scarf down even a fraction of this monstrosity, and what?  Can I have some meat with my bread?

Good health means eating a variety of nourishing foods
What else would be for lunch?  You know sandwiches rule.  Hey, don't tell me you didn't pack that sandwich away in a baggy or something.  You KNOW that's wrong.  The bread gets all crusty; the jelly smears all over the juice and whatnot.  Yeah, it only looks pretty because it's a 'photo op' sandwich!
Anyway, the source of this picture has an interesting article.



Got a few dollars, man?  I gotta support my habit ... of eating sandwiches!!  Mwaahaahahahaha!!!!



                                   trippin' on sandwiches

                              Yo, dis book go hard, B!


" precious!"

  Mmm, mmm...toasty!


Maybe a tiny resemblance to that little creature in Cat's Eye?

There are six levels to this sandwich...but only two levels of my bowels.  This could be a dangerous combo of ingredients.

A sandwich and nature...          



Grilled italian sausage...    

Nothing to do with sandwich, but I just had to put this in.