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In an attempt to cater to those who are 'literally challenged' when it comes to reading instructions, this new series may shed some light on step-by-step instructions in the art of creating several classic sandwiches. 
Just as Construction 101 explains the necessities of any sandwich, this page may be used as a supplement in the creation process.  Or you could just wing it and call your sandwich 'abstract art'.  My suggestion, though, is to follow these simple instructions to ensure proper construction.

Let's start with the grilled ham & cheese sandwich. 

First, you will need to harness the skill of making fire. Generally, any heat will sell.

"sizzle, sizzle"
Step 3: The first slice of bread (butter-side down) is placed in the pan. Hear the sizzle.

Food, water, shelter, cheese...
Step 5: Add cheese.

Step 7: Wait. But not too long! And not too little. You'll know when it's time to turn it over...

Grilled perfection...timing is everything.

Step 2: Two slices of bread. Butter the inside of each slice.

Step 4: Place your ham/turkey/mystery meat/etc. on the bread.

Step 6: Place the second slice of bread (butter-side up) on top.

Now! using a spatula in Step 8 to check for a golden brown grillage underneath.

Bon apetit, my paisan friend...let someone else clean up after you.

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