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Final results are in...
'il meglio'
What is the best sandwich of all time?
ham & cheese 18 (18%)
grilled cheese 9 (9%)
tuna salad 8 (8%)
chicken salad 12 (12%)
bologna 1 (1%)
muffaletta 6 (6%)
torta 1 (1%)
turkey & swiss 16 (16%)
pbj 9 (9%)
other 20 (20%)
100 Total votes
...and the 'others' have it.  It's hard to pick the best when there's so many ways to make a killer sandwich.  I was hoping to get as many comments as possible, so that people could tell me what the 'other' best sandwich is.  I got some.  And it was good.  Sort of.
"What about a BLT!!!!!!"
You're right, my friend.  A classic that was simply overlooked.  Even with sandwiches, it is true that classics never go out of style.
"sandwich yeah THE SANDWICH YEAH!!!"
I share your enthusiasm.
"How about a Corned Beef w/Swiss Cheese?"
Can't say that I've tried corned beef.  Tengo miedo.  But one day I may...
"What about egg salad?"
Is this legal in all 50 states?
"My favorite is a pepperoni pizza boat sandwich"
Sounds interesting.  Is that like those Red Baron french bread pizzas or something?
"BLT, egg salad, cheese & onion, cheese salad.. THERES TOO MANY AWESOME SANDWICHES TO PICK JUST ONE!!!!!"
This is a sandwich lover.
"Listen here all yo sandwich lovers none of these are any good the best is a banana sandwiches."
Gotta love bananas.  Notice the apparent lack of grammar skills and subject/verb agreement, and how it matches perfectly with his people skills.
"Listen here all yo sandwich lovers none of these are any good the best is a banana sandwiches."
Drive your point home by posting it twice!  Double the emphasis, double the fun.  It gets worse...
"All yall dum asses wrote the wrong sandwich down Yall goofy fuckups the best sandwich is squaril sandwich with a hint of rabbit nuts dont forget the donkey dick and the cheddar cheese!!!!!"
The harsher the criticisms, the worse the English.  God bless!  There should be a study done that suggests a link between negativity and bad grades in English class.

"My favorite sandwich first chicken pussy pie sprinkle a little granny's pussy gravy on it too and put a cherry on the top of your grannn's pussy"

Ok.  First off, do chickens have vaginas?  And would his granny be too old to produce gravy?  Damn, son...


"meatballs and avocado"

Back on planet Earth.  Eeeww.  Actually, that might be alright!  I use pickles in my meatball sub, so whatever.


"i eat breakfast 400 yards away from hungry cubans who are trained to kill me, so don't think for one second, that you can come down here, and make me nervous."

You know, I saw that movie just last week.  God, I love quoting lines from movies, too.




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