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A Sandwich Lover


This is now what I believe to be a great page that reveals a guy's true love and appreciation for an awesome sandwich.  To be honest, I didn't always feel such praise.
My first thoughts were that this sandwich was nothing special; it's not the bomb or anything.  "This guy's all up on himself; what the hell are you gonna do with some asparagus and vinegar?  Get that s&*^ out of here.  The presentation's pretty tight; who does he think he is?  And roast lamb?  I don't know.  Helga's bread?  Who the hell is Helga?  More importantly, what you know about Grant's Farm Wheatberry?  Huh?!"
My next few reactions were somewhat of an enlightenment.  "Wow.  I mean, the ingredients are far more than what I would have ever considered , but his pride and apparent joy of creating this masterpiece, one that would earn the right to be held higher than others that appear so commonplace and redundant in the kitchen, is inspiring.  I, nay, we all should learn from this individual what pride in one's master creation can do for the soul.
If this intro had a motto, it would be this:
"Don't hate, congratulate."

someone read my mind

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