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Time limitations:
Time restrictions are a major factor in choosing which temperature is best for you.  Certainly, if you're pressed for time, you should go with a cold sandwich.  Not only is it easy, there is also no cleanup required.  Just remember to put the ingredients back in the fridge.  If you are blessed with ample time to leisurely grill a sandwich to perfection, by all means, please do.  You get a bonus of more flavor and more time to enjoy your sandwich. 
It's important that your 'buds' receive a good supply of variety.  If you usually stick with a cold sandwich, try it grilled or microwaved every now and then.  And vice versa.  This rotation of hot and cold prevents your taste buds from growing weary of the "same 'ol". 
Personal Preference:
Some like it hot.  And some like it cold.  Everyone's personal preferences are different, therefore eliminating any 'right' or 'wrong' way to serve a sandwich.  Cold is just as good as hot.  Keep in mind that the first two factors have quite an impact on how you will prepare your sandwich.
Let's review a list of some of the attributes of  'hot' and 'cold' sandwiches:
  • Solid, thick slices of cheese; tall, layered stacks of meat
  • Natural flavor of meats and cheeses throughout the sandwich
  • Dinstict recognition of condiments and vegetables
  • Inviting, soft feel of the outer layers of bread


  • Added flavors and textures of butter and crispiness to the sandwich
  • Meats carry a slightly different,  "just cooked" flavor
  • Melted cheese; depending on variety, oozes and/or stretches out with every bite
  • Has that "nice, hot meal" effect your Mother approves of


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