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2 Much vs Not Enough
Typically, how many sandwiches do you eat in a month?
1-5 16 (15%)
5-10 16 (15%)
10-15 14 (13%)
15-20 13 (12%)
I lost count... 20 (18%)
Who's counting? 27 (25%)
106 Total votes

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As always, lovely comments from the voters:
"I eat at LA sanwich shop northampton"
The message is your local deli.
"sandwiches???I can't imagine my life without sandwiches!!!!!!!!!God,I LOVE IT!!!"
I can be certain that this is one of the cats that voted in the "who's counting" category.  It's hard to tell.
"eatting sandwiches is better than being sandwich"
I agree.  Can't say I know for sure; I've never been sandwiched.  Whatever gets your rocks off; it's all good.  Either these were some bamf'in sandwiches or this 'sandwiched' experience wasn't that memorable.
"someone buy me a sandwich of doom... subliminally: do it... "
Stewie?  Stewie, is that you?!  This may help.
"what would you do for a sandwich? Would you kill a man? Well, i guess... "
...I guess she would do it. 

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