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Yes, that's right.  A bologna sandwich.  It might not be a culinary masterpiece, but it qualifies as a sandwich.  And seeing how variety is the spice of life, sometimes you need to keep your tastebuds in a rotation cycle.  Otherwise, a constant trend of 'average' eating (or even a constant trend of 'gourmet' eating) may be harmful.  Simplicity is nothing without complexity.  And vice versa.  You know, the whole 'yin and yang' effect, as described in Construction 101's main page.  This sandwich is the essence of simplicity, so all ingredients should be simple and basic in nature.


A nice, thin-sliced white bread will do just fine.  


Beef bologna, to be safe.  If you're feeling daring, go ahead and use the combo mystery meat variety.


Since we're trying to keep all ingredients in harmony with each other, Go with a slice of the 'ol imitation singles.  If you just can't hack, then some real  cheddar slices will do the trick.


Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip works nicely with the cheese.  Or go with a bit of regular mustard.  Try not to use both in this sandwich, though.


None for this sandwich.



1.  If using imitation single slice, nuke it for half a minute or so, so long as the cheese has started to melt a bit.  It will be harder to heat up if you go with the cheddar; the bologna starts to curl up into a bowl shape, then what?   

2.  Lightly toast the bread, but be sure to add mayonnaise (or mustard) to the sandwich before serving, or you might as well be eating crackers. 


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