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the crizunch

It's often thought that children know what life is really about.  They seem to enjoy themselves without even really trying.  In the case of food, this is also true.  We adults tend to go 'gourmet' on a myriad of 'plain' foods and dishes; however, maybe 'gourmet' isn't always the way to go. 

To free yourself of the burden of what is acceptable and what isn't, simply let your taste buds find their own path; get back to that uninhibited creativity, like when you were a child.  The common desire of children at foodtime: "What do these taste like if you put them together?"  Bingo. 

The Chip Sandwich is nothing new; I've seen it done on many occasions in the lunch room in elementary school, and I joined the bandwagon.  And I liked it.  (Note to self: Have I hit an all-time low?  Or is this a renaissance of unrestricted enjoyment?  Forget the norms of society, let's create some new traditions.)  Now, when I think about why these kinds of things are done, it's actually quite simple.  A sandwich tastes good.  Chips taste good.  It's OK (and acceptable) to eat them separately.  But, you know, this sandwich is a little thin, and the chips, on their own, are a little dry.  To add some thickness, flavor, and texture to your sandwich, try the "chip sandwich". 


Any variety is acceptable.  Keep in mind, you don't want to distract from a gourmet sandwich; the general rule is: if it's simple, keep it simple.  Or not.  But never add more to something that's already 'the bomb'. 


Again, as long as it's a simple sandwich, a variety of meats are available.  Ham, turkey, smoked varieties, bologna, salami, etc. are usually considered 'simple meats'.


Stick with common, simple cheeses, such as a mild cheddar, American (even the fake stuff, the epitome of 'simple'.), Swiss.


Lettuce or tomato will work,  or none at all (to emphasize the simplicity factor).


Mustard and/or mayonnaise/Miracle Whip.  A small to medium amount is usually the standard for a sandwich.  You want to compliment, not compete with, the main meat and cheese ingredients.  However, with this particular sandwich, a bit more of the condiment(s) is required to balance out the dry/moist differential:  if you use too little of the condiment(s), the dryness of the chips will dominate the sandwich's flavor.

Active Ingredients:

A variety of chips can be used.  Fritos (regular or flavored varieties), Doritos (regular or flavored), Lay's, etc. are good choices.  These chips are relatively flat in nature, and will fit nicely within the sandwich.  Avoid large or odd-shaped chips, such as Chee-tos, Funyuns, etc.  These should be enjoyed on their own. 


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