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A sandwich is even great to eat in the morning, or whatever time you happen to wake up.  Now traditional breakfast foods, like eggs, sausage, bacon, etc. have usually been served on a plate.  Making a 'breakfast sandwich' is nothing new,  but the quality in which the sandwich will be constructed, namely the ingredients, is individually unique.

We have seen some breakfast sandwiches that have been mass produced (biscuit, bagel, muffin, frozen store-bought, etc.), but I propose to use similar ingredients between two slices of bread.  More surface area = more to enjoy.


White or wheat are common for a breakfast sandwich.  The main ingredients are the innards, so you don't want to distract too much from them.  Toasted or untoasted is personal preference, and both are equally accepted.  I've had this sandwich both ways, and if I was to toast the bread, make sure it's lightly toasted to avoid overcrunchiness.


Standard mass-produced breakfast sandwiches, like those found at fast-food chains, use common breakfast ingredients, such as eggs, cheese, ham, bacon, and sausage.  Not all together, of course.  But if you're really hungry and want to just chow down, then I guess that's fine.  My point is that we can use these standard ingredients, but in a different medium (two slices of bread) not used by other breakfast sandwich providers.  Also, we will use freshly made ingredients instead of disc-shaped egg patties and the like. 

Condiments/Other Ingredients:

Butter (for the toast, but not necessary, depending on the toasting level), ketchup (if you must have your eggs with ketchup.  There's nothing wrong with that, but remember not to overpower your sandwich with it), picante sauce (I'm a wimp, but again, if you are accustomed to a tradition of having picante sauce with everything, please continue).  Not all of them together.  My God, man!  Have you gone mad?  Like an old high school friend once said to another classmate about mixing all of his foods together during 'Mexican Cuisine Day' in the cafeteria, "I wanna be able to taste my food.  If I want to taste beans, I'll taste beans.  If I want to taste rice, I'll taste rice." 


As mentioned earlier, two slices of bread can be used to construct the sandwich similar to other sandwiches.  However, this sandwich, like others, can be made "halfie" style, meaning that you could use one piece of bread to fill with ingredients and then fold it over, like a taco.


I felt it was necessary to credit a certain individual here.  When served breakfast at our place of residence during our second semester in college,  my friend immediately preceded to place a heap of his eggs and bacon onto his slice of toast, fold it in half, and munch down.  I watched in amazement, thinking, "why hadn't I thought of that?"  I made a comment, but I don't remember what it was, and I do remember that I didn't get to try it that day because I already scarfed my food down, and vowed to make a breakfast sandwich the next time around.  Since then, I'm always tempted to make this sandwich whenever I serve toast with my breakfast.


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