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 (or Not-So-New).  But you should have known that before you got here, which you probably did know.  So one day, I decided it was in everyone's best interests if I just put a bunch of new finds (back then) in one convenient place.  Similar to the way I throw a bunch of important-looking bills and miscellaneous notes, phone numbers, and reminders into my kitchen's "Everything Drawer."  Patent pending.

sandwich vs. sangwich
     video clip - realplayer
      video clip - wmplayer 
     I think this is most recent record.  Before this, Bimbo (he he, bimbo) Bakeries in Mexico held the record for a year or so.  Then someone else (listed at the link), and finally these guys.
     How this differs from 'longest sub', I don't know.  But someone felt it should.
    It appears he beat the recent fellow (8500).  Nevertheless, he may also beat the record for 'shortest life span.'


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