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     These things I know little about; I do know that they can be found in paperback or hardcover, can be long or short,  and I strive to become more familiar with them each day (especially because there is little else at home to keep me entertained…dammit, man, it’s come down to books!). 


     There are those few books I’ve read thus far that were recommended to me because they are necessary for life (sure you could do without them, but then what kind of person would you be?); in turn, I present them to you and give my encouragement to find a copy as soon as possible.  An important note: these few recommendations are in no way ‘heavy reading’; they are as simple and honest as they come, but that’s what makes them classic, and classics never go out of style.


The Tao of Pooh

Milne’s characters serve as a perfect example of how people approach life; it so happens that Pooh is the figure that most closely follows Taoist principles, and Wu Wei.  Original stories from Milne are accompanied by Benjamin Hoff’s explanations of how principles are applied; to say the least, ‘Pooh’ makes for some interesting reading.  So many of the things I’ve learned from this book can be applied in my daily life, as I hope they can in yours.


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The Little Prince

Another book, by Saint-Exupéry, that has taught me well; again, simple in nature, but very profound in meaning.  This one seems to ‘keep you in check’ with yourself and, even if read just once, will remind you of important lessons to practice for years afterwards.


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The World According to Mister Rogers

Just picked this one up the other day, at a school book fair, no less!  I’ll just refer you here since I haven’t had the chance to read it yet.  I can tell you that the book was one of those things that I felt I had to have right away.  Maybe I’m weird that way; the guys who get bashed on the most are the ones who I secretly admire for not being afraid to be themselves.  Root for the underdog!  And because Fred Rogers was wiser than most people know.

ode to Fred


Of course, books are but a bitlet of the realm of reading material.  What about this site and its vast array of literature to muse?  And much more intellectual content than you may ever find here, which may or may not link to even more interesting resources.  While we’re talking about other sources than books and particular types of reading, why not stimulate your visual sense with expression other than words?

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