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The following movies are recommended to eat a good sandwich with.  To avoid burnout, do not exceed 3 every six hours.  Side effects may include biting down on fingers and lack of attention to your sandwich.  As with all sandwiches accompanied by a movie, please consult a real professional before viewing a previously unviewed movie, unless you’re the “movies are movies” type. 


I suppose I will categorize by genre.  But then some movies just can’t be categorized, and you know this, man.  Or some films cross into more than one category.  Well, I tried.  Better yet, I’ll categorize how I feel fit.


Marilyn Flicks


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Pretty decent.  It’s got Monroe; that’s all that matters.


Some Like It Hot

Probably my favorite of the bunch.  I suppose this would be a combo of  comedy/romance.  Damn the romance!  Definitely more comedy than romance, but, nonetheless, it makes for a good use of time.  Jack Lemmon is the man (or not, apparently).


The Misfits

OK.  I would save it for a ‘once every 3 months or more’ occasion; chiefly when you’re in a Clark Gable mood.  Probably not that often.


The Seven Year Itch

I include it because I’d like to see it.  I’ve only seen bits and pieces, but it looked alright.  Sandwich-worthy.



Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion

I wouldn’t have ever seen it if it wasn’t for my significant other.  There are just too many moments that ring true to not see it.  And many opportunities to pull quotes into your everyday life.


Coming To America

Good stuff.  You get multiple doses of Murphy and Hall in “My-T-Sharp’s” staff.  And it’s cool to walk around sounding like James Earl Jones. “What is this, McDowell’s?!”  “I forbid you!” “Simba, I am your father.”  No.  Sorry.  I’m throwing in Lion King and Star Wars by mistake.



More laughs than you can shake a cane at.  Forget Jack Lemmon; Dudley Moore is the man.  Far too many quotes to mention here.  And all very useful.  Instant classic.

Arthur II: On the Rocks

If I could only find this one, dammit all.  About as great as the original; no disappointment guaranteed.


Old School

Great fun.  I have my favorite moments: the kidnap van scene, Max’s birthday, among many others.  I could do without the ‘unrated’ version.  Flashing ‘a’ cups or less on the menu screen and during the ‘k-y wrestling match’ disturbs me more than arouses me.  How ‘bout it?  If you’re gonna go there, you might as well have thrown in at least some c’s; make it ‘unrated’ worthy.  Todd Phillips should have damn well known better.


The Best of Will Ferrell, Vol. 1

Memorable, quotable moments throughout, especially with someone who knows them like you do.


The Best of Will Ferrell, Vol. 2

Not as good, but with some sporadic moments of true comedic genius.


Chappelle’s Show, Season I

                Not that other seasons aren’t worth seeing, I just haven’t seen them.

Charlie Chaplin

For that classic, nostalgic sense of comedy that never goes out of style. “All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman, and a pretty girl.”




American Beauty

This one didn’t win 5 Oscars for nothing.  Another necessity, hands down.


Shattered Glass

It’s Anakin as a nerd!  Or continuation of being a nerd.  Speaking of nerd moviegoers: I was in the line in ’98, man!  That’s another rant for later discussion.  Back to the subject at hand: I enjoyed this one thoroughly.  After several views, though, you get tired of Christensen pleading with his character’s boss, Chuck.  You start to hear it in the middle of the day, out of nowhere:  “I-I-I didn’t do it, Chuck!”  Good (and true: DVD included a 60 Minutes interview with Stephen Glass) story, though.


Lost in Translation

Nothing more to say than what others have said.  Multiple-watch worthy.  Good bits of humor throughout, but it is much more than that.


March of the Penguins

Great documentary with nice extras.  Didn’t plan on seeing it until a friend burned a surprise copy for me.  Sometimes you don’t know know what you’re missing until you’ve missed it.  Then again, I’ve never been one to jump on the bandwagon.

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Nice performances.  Even from DiCaprio.  What?  He’s a serious actor?  Oh, yes.  And Hanks, of course, only adds to the film.  True story, too.


The Godfather

No discussion.  The winner, by default.


The Godfather, Part II

It goes without saying: He who sees the original must see this.  I didn’t mention III, did I?  I’m not crazy about III, but if I wanted to, I’d buy it.  And watch it.  Speaking of which; I don’t own II, either.  Want to send me a copy?



Nice ‘foreign-film’ material.  Cinematography is off the hook, B.  Then again, this is why the film was an Oscar nominee for it along with 4 other categories. 

Forrest Gump

A great combo-pack of entertainment.  It’s like getting at least 5 stories in one, and they’re all good.


A Clockwork Orange

It’s Kubrick.  It’s zany.  And it’s old school ultra-violence.


Vanilla Sky

Not your typical plot.  That’s why it’s a trip.  And the soundtrack is worth the watch.  A favorite scene: Cruise’s character, David, is suffocating Julia during his lucid dream and realizes it was Sofia while Todd Rundgren’s “Can We Still Be Friends” is playing. 



Very cool.  I was introduced to this one in a biology class; I was amazed at how fun science can be.  Or not.  But the whole idea of segregation by genes was a very interesting take for a movie subject.  This is a multiple watch movie.  Great score.

One Hour Photo

Oh, it’s fun (and a little scarce) to see Robin Williams play an obsessed/unhumorous character.  And he does a good job of it. 


The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

Pierce Brosnan is just a smooth cat.  And he still manages to pull some 007 moves without having to employ himself as a secret agent.


Dancer in the Dark

Bjork’s got some great music, but it’s a rare treat to see her play a convincing role in a movie.  Worth the watch, but perhaps not multiple-watch worthy; it’s a little depressing for that kind of tv abuse.


Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Chick flick?  Maybe.  I’ve never read the book, but I’ll always give the film a shot.  Maybe I had a moment, I don’t know.  But it was damn good.  Don’t hate; congratulate.  The language is extraordinary.




Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Not the ultimate action film, but it is watch-worthy just because of the silky effect they used for the film.  Gives it that nostalgic feel to match the era.


Batman Begins

I like this one simply because it doesn’t contain all the cheese that make the other Batman films ridiculous.  The original was acceptable because it was the first.  And Michael Keaton is Batman.  The origins of why Bruce Wayne becomes Batman is of particular interest, and Batman is shown as the vengeful being he should be, like the look on his face before he head-butts some villain; you know, things like that.


True Lies

Oh my; an awesome action flick.  This has got to be one of the most multiple-watch worthy action films I’d recommend.  Not just because the action is great, but because of the humor.  Tom Arnold just makes the film.  It wouldn’t be nearly as good without the Scharz/Tom duo.  True Lies has the usual cheesy action flick ending, but what can you expect?  It’s an action film.


Ocean’s 11 (2001)

This film just keeps on giving.  A multiple-watch, for sure.  Not only is the plot great, but the characters are really developed as they should be.  What a great team.  The score by David Holmes makes it all the more pleasant.

Ocean’s 12

As good as the first.  Maybe better.  No!  I’ve gone too far.  And to think that 13 is on its way; nice trilogy set.


Drunken Master

Mmwahahaa!  The must-have kung fu movie for any collection.  Even if it’s the only one you have, it will always rule.  The humor in Chan’s style is unbearable.  This film is always a great sandwich accompanist.


Kill Bill, Vol. I

Gore galore.  But since it’s all Hollywood, you can still stomach your sandwich.  Tarantino rarely disappoints, and Uma Thurman is a female action star’s female action star.


Kill Bill, Vol. II

An essential match with Vol. I.  Such twists on outcomes!  You think she’s gonna sword-fight Elle forever, or that things would end differently with her final confrontation with Bill.  That’s why Tarantino’s the man.





Classic.  I proved myself wrong when my children watched the whole thing; I thought they would totally flake.  For this reason, Cinderella still holds its own.



A minimalist, much better alternative to other common kids’ cartoons.  The English know what’s up.


The Incredibles

All CGI films look great on a nice tv; that’s why they’re worth the watch!  And, in most cases, they are actually entertaining to any age.  A bygone era with a tech twist is always fun, anyway.


Treasure Planet

Nice variation on a theme of Treasure Island.  Enjoyable.

Iron Giant

This one is good.  Brad Bird just knocks it out of the park with this, then Incredibles.  Who knows what’s to come…


Monsters, Inc.

Funny.  Hard to watch without kids around to warrant a reason for watching it.


Spirited Away

Miyazaki’s piece is imaginative, and gives a nice contrast from the standards.  Good story.



Just cool stuff.  This is old school; not overly-violent, or even ridiculous like Transformers or anything.  Nice, realistic, futuristic, stuff.  I think it was ahead of its time.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Gotta love Burton’s work.  This is good for anytime, but a must for the Halloween season.  Burton and Elfman go hand in hand like milk and cookies.  Nice extras, too (some of Burton’s early stuff; I like the Vincent Price short).


The Corpse Bride

Very good as well.  Stop-animation is such a bitch; the more reason to give it your respect.  Burton’s usual great work.




Bjork: Live at the Royal Opera House



Star Wait

A documentary for less than $3 at Target, the insanity of these fans is just funny enough to purchase.  It’s like Jack-ass, but taken seriously by these fools.  They talk as if they marched corps or something.  We mustn’t forget; it’s JUST A MOVIE!!! (and it will look just the same in the theater for weeks to come)  This one should really have been placed under Comedy.

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