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A sandwich is the art of the individual: simplicity and complexity are not to be taken as superiority factors.  Sometimes, a simple sandwich will suffice; in another instance,  something more unique and robust is required.  In all instances, the ingredients and condiments used should always compliment each other. 

The following recommendations have been exercised on a regular basis.  Though the list is fairly short, it may give you a good starting point in experimentation.  This list will expand with time.

Two things to mention:  a.) for most sandwiches, sandwich names used here are usually by the meat of the sandwich; the cheese used can vary depending on preference or what happens to be in your kitchen at the time, and b.) 'special' ingredients will provide much better flavor than the plain standards: white, thin sliced bread; 'luncheon' sandwich meat; 'american' cheese imitation singles; etc.  In fact, the use of anything 'plain', save a few condiments and vegetables, could result in serious taste deficiency if eaten on a regular basis. 

The importance of having 'simple' sandwiches as well as 'gourmet' sandwiches demonstrates the 'yin and yang' in which each should be used in a balanced manner to ensure that each is continuously appreciated.  See the criteria listed in Cold or Hot.  Without further ado, here is the list compiled thus far:


 Smoked Turkey Breast

Bologna Sandwich

PBJ Sandwich

Chip Sandwich

Fajita Sub

Breakfast Sandwich



Do everyone a favor: add to this list!  What, it's been, like, nearly two years since these sandwiches have been here?  Email me, I'll post them and take all the credit (or not), and we'll call it a day.  Or better yet, you post it to the board.  Because now you can.


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