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S Class Studios

Program Rates

I've noticed that the more experienced, versed, and skilled an instructor is, the more the cost of the lesson.  Not that this goes without merit; I've also noticed that a premium price is justified; it helps the consumer feel confident that they're buying a quality product or service. 
I could charge at least $30.00 per hourly lesson, maybe even $40.00.  I'm confident that my services are worth this price.  I wouldn't give my instruction away for free, but some may wonder: why are my rates lower than other schools and instructors?  The rates I operate by are the same ones that have worked for me and my students for years.  I've had success at having students study with me consistently, and though I may not ask them if it's partly because their lessons are reasonably priced, I'd like to think that it's part of the formula that's kept them coming back. 
Having studios that are permanent as well as portable has always been a big advantage to the student.  Beginning drummers may not have the equipment they need to learn on, and percussionists most likely won't have a marimba or timpani set up in their living room.  But being able to provide the student with the equipment they need, whether at my studio or their home, will always be a big advantage.