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~Welcome to~ "A Variety in Prose"
Like a Sandwich

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copyright 2003 Ron Kinard

"Like a Sandwich"

Ron Kinard 2003

above us


followed by the sky

many layers of spheres

ionosphere, stratosphere


(to name a few)

the Earth below

on the Earth


all walks of life

different religions

beliefs, cultures

ages, sizes, shapes

creeds, colors

national origins

endless varieties

different locations

endless possibilities

endless combinations

like a sandwich

different breads

rye, raisin

white, wheat, buns

(to name a few)

different toppings

mustard, mayonnaise

ketchup, salad dressing

(to name a few)

different ingredients

bologna, ham,

chicken, turkey, beef

(to name a few)

endless possibilities

endless combinations

everyone has their own tastes

some like mustard and pickles

others onions and mayonnaise

no two people are exactly alike

think of the world as a sandwich

take a bite, savor the flavor

try something new, enjoy the moment

appreciate the variety

you might not like everything

on the menu

but you never know

until you try

isn't the world an incredible place?