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Sandwich in love

(an untrue love story)


…Where is she? Where in the hell she might be? Yesterday she said that she would definitely be here by 2 p.m. Now it’s ten past two. She’s late; girls always are so.

…What did I say? Did I dare to compare her to other girls? Oh God, forgive me please! She cannot be compared to any other girls. She’s unique. You can imagine that she’s unique if even I fell in love with her. She looked at me…(sigh), she asked about me…(sigh), she wanted me…(sigh), she’s in love with me, I know. I knew it from the way she looked at me. She even licked all over her lips when she saw me. Oh man, what rosy lips she has.

…Oh my God…oh my God, here she comes. She’s here!

Damn, I was wrong. My eyes are not so good as they were. Last time, yesterday, when I was sitting on my usual place, I saw this guy talking with, and as she came closer I realized that she was a HE.

…WHAT??? You cannot do that! I ain’t got no time for you; ask someone else. I’m waiting here for a date, can’t you understand? I’ve told you!

…Oh great, even that!

Hi, what’s up? (How I hate you! Anytime you appear, I’m pushed into the background. It’s the case with girls and literally. Man, do I hate you!) Oh, you’ve gotta go, what a pitty!… At last you’ve pissed off.

…She’s here, she’s here! Oh my God!

Am I good? Yes, I’m good!… Am I attractive? Yes, I’m!… Self-confidence! Relax, relax! Easy! Just pretend that anything’s under your control. It’ll work.

…FUCK!!! What is this ugly, fat minority girl doing here? No, you can’t… you can’t do that. Don’t pay, don’t pay!!!

Hey, get your hands off me! I thought we were pals. Don’t give me to her, please!

…You should at least have washed your hands before lunch. Drop me…, drop me! It would be better than you. Don’t hold me so tight. Don’t, don’t…



(Sándor Aleva)