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At the Counter


She won’t serve me…They serve me next to the canteen, though. The lady allows me to have my sandwich in the corner. I should have gone there. Damn. She doesn’t look friendly. I had a good morning so far. I have enough…that pizza looks good…smells good. Why did I came here? I don’t mind the students. They are O.K. They only look for a while. My brother said this place is all right. He went to school today…I wish he were here. I I wish he got us a pizza. I’ll never come without him. Never. I hope the other lady will come to ask me. I should step back and let someone else come forward. Did I get enough money? She looked over her shoulder…What if she’s making a big fuss…she won’t serve me. What takes her that long? Next time after my round i’m going next to the canteen. They have better cakes. But I won’t come without my brother. He said if I ask nicely, they serve. Oh, how much I hate to be a gypsy!…’yes, please. Could I have a half pizza?