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I've been thinking that It'd be nice to have somewhere (like here) to create a collective of the "best of sandwiches" on the net, a place to harness all the known creativity into a single source for you to enjoy.  Why?  Well, because maybe I just like you, dammit.  Or maybe it's because I would rather have it all in one place instead of searching through the crap and the treasure on a multitude of search engines for God knows how long.  Longer than one should. 


As I find, I will add.




Best of: Sandwiches

A Collective of Literature and Such



not- so-new stuff
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short stories
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     At a Table
prose & poetry
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This guy  never responded; twice.  I was even nice.
The highly visited "8500"
Hinge Cuts are In (and a great response)
Amazingly, someone is paying for this address to be on the net.  Funny, simple, but possibly offensive.  Is there any other kind?

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