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A sandwich violation is a serious offense, but crimes such as these go unnoticed in the homes of innocent sandwich connoisseurs; therefore, education is always the best form of combating these types of crimes.  Lots of the education in SLC is found here.  For starters, the following lesson is a free service of the Sandwich Police.



Yessssss.  I'm back on track; updated this mother on the 2nd!  You'll like this one; it's a seasonal addition of the sandwich lair.
We all have our favorites. Some of us are resilient to change; others have nothing to lose. Those are the ones that put it out there on the line; the true pioneers of bold taste and imaginative sandwich-making. If I had a Bud Light, I'd salute you. Nonetheless, simply becoming acquainted with a 'different' kind of sandwich is knowledge learned.


Five sandwiches built from the ground up for your educational enjoyment. Oh, you have another sandwich you'd like to add to the list? It's funny; I don't remember asking for your two cents. But by all means, let's hear it!


In most cases, not wise at all. But I can call it that because I just can. Then again, who am I to say that it's total nonsense? Maybe these words will be meaningful in ways I can never comprehend.


Ah, the old debate dating back to medieval times. Some things in life cannot be judged by 'better or worse.' This is one of those things.


Like "Sandwich-making for Dummies," this series of stills takes you through one sandwich, step by step. I guess I'm a dummy; I love visuals.


(while eating a sandwich)


You need this stuff.  You call yourself a true sandwich lover?  Then flaunt it.  And  spread the word.

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